Stephen Martin - CEO & Head of IP Operations

Stephen Martin is the CEO and founder of Redfield Proctor. Coming from a background in Intellectual Property and Product Design, Stephen's eye for efficiency is the cornerstone of Redfield Proctor's Trash to Cash philosophy.


Markus Roggen - Research & Development

Markus Roggen is the VP of Extraction Operations at Outco, with a PHD in Chemistry and a MS in Mathematics. An organic chemist by training, Markus took the plunge into the cannabis years ago, and is now helping Redfield Proctor develop its waste management focused IP portfolio so that we can constantly be on the cutting edge of reuse and recycle research.


Jeff Lalich - Waste Management Adviser

A waste management expert, Jeff began his trek into sustainable waste practices at Tesla Motors as their Environmental and Sustainabilty Project Manager. He then founded his own company Zero Fills Solutions, a green waste company which echoes Redfield Proctor's zero-waste attitude. Jeff brings a wealth of experience in both the science and business of composting to Redfield Proctor, and is assisting with our California launch.


Kimberly Stuck - ResearchAdviser

Kimberly Stuck is the managing partner at Allay Cannabis Consulting and the first Marijuana Specialist for a public health authority in the Nation. Conducting compliance inspections, license sign offs, running pesticide investigations, writing press releases, conducting recalls, conducting shelf stability and CBD source approvals, Kim has done it all. The industry lovingly started calling her the "weed-wacker" primarily because she has disposed of ~28 million dollars worth of Cannabis/ Cannabis products in 2016 alone due to non-compliance.  Kim brings her in depth knowledge of pesticide use and environmental health to the table as she helps Redfield Proctor develop its sampling methods and testing protocols.


Dr. Lynne Carpenter-Boggs - Research Advisor

Coming from a background in Academia, Lynne is an expert in everything fermentation and compost. With a B.S. in Biophysical Environmental Studies, an M.S. in Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry, and a Ph.D in Soil Science, Lynne has the perfect understanding and experience to help Redfield Proctor develop and test its Fermentation Vessels.