Bokashi uses anaerobic fermentation to recycle organic matter into all natural soil amendments and microbial innoculants. In terms of net profit per ton processed it is one of the most profitable methods on the market, but there's just one problem – it doesn't scale.


Redfield Proctor's goal is to fix this by integrating tried and true Bokashi vessel designs with cutting edge twenty first century technology, and take Bokashi from a backyard composting method to a scalable industrial process.


Sensor Technology

Redfield Proctor's Bokashi vessels feature integrated sensor technology that provide data on critical factors like moisture, temperature, and PH level.

Internal Control

Redfield Proctor's Bokashi vessels also feature internal control mechanisms by which non-optimal conditions can be corrected for once identified by our sensors.

Real Time Alerts

Our sensors and internal control mechanisms seamlessly interface with easy to use mobile and web applications, allowing them to monitor for issues and take corrective actions from home with the push of a button.